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3rd FET 2020 Conference

The 3rd FET 2020 Conference on "Strengthening Participation in FET" took place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest in June 2014 in close collaboration with Ideal-ist.

"Strengthening Participation in FET" - COFET conference background paper - PDF download

More information can be found here!

Summary - 3rd FET2020 Conference

Interviews - 3rd FET2020 Conference

Joanna Florecka - Faculty of Law / University of Warsaw

Ian Morgan - Optimat Limited

Erich Prem - eutema GmbH.

Milan Puvaca - Ofir Ltd.

J├╝rgen Rattenberger - Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Presentations - 3rd FET2020 Conference

Adam Gali - Wigner Institute Hungary - Presentation

Erich Prem - eutema GmbH. - Presentation

Milan Puvaca - Ofir Ltd. - Presentation